Seller Financing

Seller-Financing Program Highlights
Welcome! American Seller Financing, part of Darwin Jones Property Mgmt & Realty,  is collaborating with Pinnacle Funding & Investment Group (PFIG)  to help Agents connect more Buyers and Sellers by adding Seller-financing to their Client toolkit. This is NOT your Grandma’s Seller-financing from the ‘80’s; our program is Dodd-Frank compliant & utilizes the PFIG Note Purchase model based on ACTUAL comps, NOT artificially-inflated values!
Our program is without peer in the marketplace. Highlights include:
  • As little as 15% down payment. (Others want 20-25% down payment!)
  • Buyers’ monthly payments similar to area rents
  • Can add up to 5-8 closings per year for Agents without extra marketing costs; allows Agents to achieve higher levels of success & increasing their brokerages’ profitability.
  • Protect the Agents’ relationship with their Clients as well as the commissions the Agents have earned.
  • The transactions we help structure use property values based on ACTUAL comps, rather than an artificially-inflated value that jeopardizes ALL parties.
  • Seller net-proceeds are often EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN the net proceeds from a comparable conventional or FHA sale.
  • Fully Dodd-Frank compliant; Faster closings; minimal underwriting issues.
  • Issue Loan Status Report and Conditional Note Purchase Offer for peace of mind!
  • We can help Agents whose brokerage policies forbid their Agents from participating in seller-financing sales by collaberating on a referral-basis to help YOUR Clients achieve THEIR DREAMS!
  • Agents can fulfill their fiduciary duty to their Clients; avoid violating license law & possible exposure to malpractice claims.
AZREIA (Arizona Real Estate Investors Association) predicts: “Seller-financing will continue in strong demand in 2015”. Give us a call today, run a scenario by us & let us show you how we structure a safe, secure & SOLID Dodd-Frank compliant transaction using REAL comps that helps your Clients achieve their dreams while protecting everyone!
For more information call Richard Cox: 623-777-9465 or visit