Our fee structure is simple and we charge per property.  If, however, you have multiple properties you wish us to manage please contact us for a personal consultation.

Management fee:

Rental amount up to $1000 per month: $75 per month. $200 leasing fee.

Rental amount between $1001 – $2000: $100 per month. $300 – $400 leasing fee

Rental amount above $2000 per month: $125 per month.  Leasing fee dependent on rental amount.

If your property is a vacation rental (i.e fully furnished and available for short term leases) there is a monthly charge of 10% of the rental income.  In all cases if the property is vacant we do not charge a monthly fee.

Management Set-Up Fee: $400

This is a one time payment due at the beginning of a new property management agreement.  It covers all of our costs and ensures that you have the peace of mind that there will be no hidden fees or costs.

Rent Reserve: $250 – This is the figure that we recommend you keep in reserve with us.  It is entirely at your discretion, the amount can be higher or lower.  Some owners choose not to have a reserve.  It is there in case work needs to be done to the property.  We can use the reserve without having to wait for authorization from an owner.  Many people prefer this option as they do not wish to be involved with the day to day running of their property/ies.

We aim for an average vacancy rate of 30 days between tenants.

Be assured that all our tenants are thoroughly referenced before taking up occupation of a property.  We understand that you want to protect your investment and to help you with this we carry out the following checks prior to signing any lease agreements:

  • Credit report
  • Criminal records
  • Previous landlords

In order to discuss your needs fully please feel free to contact us for a personal consultation.



Once we have found you the perfect home to rent, we will need the following from you:

Security deposit: No more than one(1) and one half(1/2) months rent will be held. This amount will include any landlord specified cleaning deposits and/or pet deposits. Unless otherwise stated all deposits are fully refundable. ( Please note: Deposits are refunded upon a satisfactory inspection taking place on move- out.)

This is a refundable deposit held in a non-interest bearing account for the term of your lease. Your deposit will be returned to you once the property has been handed back to us in a satisfactory condition.( Within 14 days). If there are any damages to the property the cost of repairs will be deducted from your security deposit.

First months rent: Rent is due on the 1st day of every month. If you move in to or vacate a property mid-month then your rent for that month will be pro rated.

Credit check fee: $35 per adult age 18 and over.

This is our charge for performing background checks.

$100 Administration Fee. – This covers all work associated with preparing your tenancy.

Partially refundable Pet Fee: $200 per pet.

This fee covers all extra wear and tear associated with keeping pets. Pets are allowed at the landlords discretion. Permission must be granted for all pets to be kept on the premises.