El Mirage Martial Arts Classes

Martial Arts Classes

El Mirage Martial Arts Academy

EMMAThe City of El Mirage Martial Arts Academy is now enrolling for Okinawa Karate classes to all ages at the

El Mirage Senior Center
14010 N. El Mirage Rd.

Kids ages 6 to 12 are taught in a traditional, structured setting, without forgetting that Karate can be very fun! Students learn effective self-defense skills through diligent training.

More importantly, students routinely learn life skills. Honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect, and work ethic are examples of the character-building exercises shared with students nightly with special emphasis on the philosophy of stranger danger. Each class is available for a $45 monthly fee.

Karate ClassAdults and youth ages 13 and up
train at their own speed. Students work to develop into healthy, well conditioned individuals, both physically and mentally. They train so that they may master the art of weapon less defense.

Students challenge themselves rather than compete with other students.

These martial art classes are great for the whole body and mind.

Monday & Wednesday Evenings

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Ages 6 – 12)
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm (Ages 13 – Up)

For more information, please call Martial Arts Instructor Richard Gutkosay

at 623-628-6725 or 602-721-4587.